Grandbuddy Program

An Intergenerational Program for Students and Seniors 


 This workbook includes easy to use activity worksheets that both seniors and students can share together that greatly enhances the relationship between these two generations. The activities are designed to be photocopied for either the classroom or residential care home setting. The activities are designed to enable both generations to learn from one another and to discover each other’s life experiences. 

Goal of Program

 The goal of the Grandbuddy Program is not only for the students and older adult to learn from one another but through shared experiences and regular contact attitudes are changed. This holds true for influencing students’ attitudes toward “old people” living in a long term care.The Grandbuddy Program involves intergenerational activities that promote cooperation, learning, and positive exchanges and interactions between two generations. The program purposely brings youth and seniors together to achieve specific program goals. 


School curriculum goals are supported involving a variety of activities that elderly people can relate to.  The students document their experiences in an attractive, professionally printed workbook which they get to keep as a memento. This is a wonderful program for both the senior and students. This would be an asset for any Long Term Care Residential Home.

Bill McLeod, Retired Elementary School teacher

Volunteer and Family Member 

Grandbuddy Program Workbook

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