Introduction Letter to get started

 To Students and Parents,

 <Name of School> will be working with <Name of Long Term Care Facility> to participate in the Grandbuddy Program. The purpose of the program is to foster relationships and understanding between the generations, and to nurture self-esteem for both the students and seniors. Goals from the school curriculum will also make each visit a learning experience for both generations. The students will learn about aging, and the losses and disabilities associated with it. They will explore the “histories” of their senior Grandbuddy and compare childhoods with them. The students will learn to speak loudly, clearly and respectfully, and to listen attentively. The seniors will look forward to the Grandbuddy visits – especially those who do not have any grandchildren in the local area. Throughout the program we ask that some rules be followed. These include: 

  • Wear nametags
  • Using the hand-sanitizer before and after each visit
  • Wipe wet feet dry before entering the building
  • Ask permission from staff or teacher to visit their Grandbuddy in private rooms
  • Put away chairs after useWe would also welcome any parents who wish to volunteer at the monthly visits. Please contact the teacher or the facilitator if you are willing to volunteer or have any questions regarding the program.Contact:<Long Term Care Facilitator Contact Information>
  • <Teacher Contact Information>

The First Visit

There are many feelings around the first visit when two generations come together for the first time. There is a combination of excitement and nervousness as this relationship begins. When a senior and a child are first introduced to each other there is a mixture of emotion, yet there is an easiness and spontaneity much like how two children are first introduced on the playground. With no inhibitions or expectations friendships begin almost instantaneously. The questionnaire included in the workbook is an interactive tool to get to know one another. Both generations learn what they may have in common and what their differences are.  The beginning of friendships are memorable. A positive first experience can lay the foundation of a relationship that can continue to grow over the course of time.

Table of contents

What is the Grandbuddy Program Program Goals Welcome Letter Class Orientation Checklist How to Use Activity Sheets Losing a Friend Workbook Colouring Page Activity List Survey  Here we Are Tell Me About Yourself Our Favourite Things What I have Learned Grandbuddy Journal Entry Butter Making Music in Our Lives Creating Together Earth Day What we Love the Most Childrens Book Week Christmas Making Apple Sauce Jam Making Farewell Visit Grandbuddy Certificate About the Author